How to Spot Whether or Not Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

There’s nothing more relaxing on a hot summer day than stepping out the door into your own backyard pool.  One of the issues you could have the pool is the surface. Over time the surface material can degrade causing you to need resurfacing. However, there are other reasons why your pool would need to be resurfaced as well. Here are the top three issues that would indicate your pool needs resurfacing.

Rough surface

Overtime through heavy usage of your pool the surface materials can begin to deteriorate. This will leave them rough and tough rather than comfortable and smooth. If the surface layer of your pool starts to feel rough then you will need to have it resurfaced sooner than later.

Stains on the surface

Over time the surface of your pool will get discolored. The chemicals that you put in the pool, as well as other debris, will cause staining. If you have stains on the surface of your pool that is unable to be removed and cleaned fully it’s probably time to have your pool resurfaced.

Constantly adding water

If you find yourself having to add water more than usual you could have a leak. First of all, you should figure out what is causing the leak.  If water loss is due to cracks or surface issues, having your pool resurfaced will solve the problem.

Your pool is an important part of your tropical paradise. However, if the surface is rough, you are losing water or do you have stains that you can’t get rid of it’s probably time to have it re-surfaced. With professional pool resurfacing you will prolong the life of your pool and can enhance its look. When you are ready for pool resurfacing call the experts at Grace Pool Finishing.


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